Team members



Matt Bogard

Matt Bogard made his debut live DJ set at Room Service London back in spring 2011. He instantly made his mark gaining respect from some of the scene biggest DJ’s as not only a great talent but a genuine person with a positive outlook. Matt has slowly but surely grown a following of young and old fans, hungry to hear a different take on the normal club music policy across the scene.


Paul Morrell

Paul Morrell is a well-respected British DJ, producer & remixer, with a career spanning two decades. He began playing house music in his home city of Coventry in the mid 1990s, however, was soon supporting major artists of the era at clubs including Progress (Derby), Steering Wheel & Subway City (Birmingham) and his own Classique Events across the U.K.


Ana Paula

DJ Ana Paula is presently one of the main artists on the world stage of House Music. In Brazil, her home country, Ana Paula has very loyal fans wherever she plays. Charisma, energy and unmistakable beats are her distinguishing qualities. Satisfaction, joy and the ability to transform her sets into unforgettable nights for her public are her main objectives and greatest rewards. 

Sound Designer

Lauren Starr

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Romain Lopez

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Kermit Beller

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